Fondue Dates

Fondue Dates
Enjoying a fondue together is one of the best ways to dine on date night. Fondues offer a slow cooking experience with lots of time for talking and reconnecting. I also think that sharing food can be incredibly romantic. Here's a list of restaurants in Orlando that offer fondue:

Orlando Fondue Experiences

The Melting Pot
Cheese, entree and dessert fondues are all offered here. Check out their special every Monday and Tuesday when 2 can dine for $49.99.

The Colorado Fondue Company
These guys offer the cheese, entree and dessert fondues as well, but they also offer you the option to cook on their hot granite cooking stones.

Urban Flats
After enjoying scrumptious flat breads, order the Chocolate Fondue for dessert. Head over for Wine Down Wednesdays to enjoy wine tastings and great deals on food.

At Home Fondue
For at home fondue dining, I recommend purchasing an electric fondue set as opposed to sets that are heated with tea light candles or burners. Electric sets heat up faster and they cook everything more evenly. Usually made with non-stick surfaces, they're also a lot easier to clean! CLICK HERE to view a great set I found on and then try out these fabulous fondue recipes at home.


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