2012 Florida Film Festival = 100+ Date Nights

FFFThe Florida Film Festival (FFF), now in its 21st year, kicks off this weekend with a 10-day line-up of more than 160 films and dozens of fun events.

When I first heard of the FFF a few years ago, I had this image of it being this ultra exclusive, industry insider sort of affair that wasn’t aimed at an average Joe filmgoer like me.

I couldn’t have been more wrong.

The FFF, as it turns out, is for everyone, even for people who know nothing more about films than the fact that going to the movies is a lot of fun. You don’t have to be a film snob to love this festival.

Attend the FFF to glimpse some really cool movies you might not ever get the chance to see on the big screen. Go to experience the fun foodie events scattered throughout the series. And snag some tickets to show your support for one of the country’s most loved and most welcoming film festivals.

2012 Florida Film Festival
April 13-22


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