Orlando City Soccer Date Night

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It's a common fact that a couple has a better chance of lasting if they enjoy watching sports together. Okay, that's just a rumor boyfriends and husbands everywhere are trying to spread, but at least some ladies out there can agree that Orlando City Soccer is a fun and affordable date night out, even if you're not a die-hard sports fanatic. 

A single game ticket can run as low as $15 (plus you'll have to pay to park). That, with a snack or drink from the cash-only concessions, can come in as cheap as a movie, only this time you’re part of the action.

Even if you or your date is not a sports fan, being in the stands for an Orlando City Soccer match is a spectator’s experience like no other. Honestly, the people in the crowd are just as entertaining as the match on the pitch. Supporter groups like The Ruckus and the Iron Lion Firm, decked out in the Orlando team colors of red and purple, battle each other for sonic dominance with chants, drums, songs, and vuvuzelas. Feel free to join the noise as your are permitted to bring your own instruments and the shouting obscenities at players from opposing teams is universally endorsed.

Even the half-time show is entertaining. The sexy City Girls Dancers put on a thrilling routine and the DJs from Real Radio 104.1’s Monsters in the Morning show always have some sort of ridiculous game to test the skills of listeners competing for prizes.

Perhaps the best part of going on an Orlando City Soccer date is the stadium’s layout and proximity to downtown Orlando’s dining and nightlife scene. City games are held in the Citrus Bowl and the enormous open-air stadium provides a breezeway for fans to enjoy the Central Florida evenings. Then, once your butt starts to hurt from the hard plastic seats, it’s only a 5 minute drive down Church Street for post-match dinner and drinks. What better way to cap off a night at the pitch?


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