New Content on the Great Dates Orlando Facebook Page

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A wise woman once told me that it’s important to give people
content where they want to receive it. Since there are now more than 1,500 fans
on the Great Dates Orlando Facebook page, I decided to create some exclusive
content just for those people.

If you’re already a Facebook fan, you may have noticed that
I have started creating date night itineraries and posting them on the Facebook
page. These are two- or three-part ideas designed to make it easy to effortlessly
piece together your date night plans.

If you’re not a Facebook fan, here’s a preview of what I’ve
been sharing. If you like what you see, be sure to go HERE and hit LIKE!






3 Responses to “New Content on the Great Dates Orlando Facebook Page”

  1. Latisha

    I love this concept! I think is the PERFECT addition to your site!


    Inform where you’re. Share photographs of your work and your workplace. These are issues that have an effect on you; let your fans learn about them, too. They値l perceive your model higher when they know where it comes from. facebook Marketing Consultant –,


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