Hard Knocks Beyond Laser Tag: Aim for the Heart

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Love is a battlefield, especially at Hard Knocks Beyond Laser Tag. Touted as the nation’s first and most advanced indoor combat sports entertainment center, Hard Knocks is the perfect place for you and your partner to blow off steam by teaming up or taking on each other in realistic combat simulations. 

Couples who love playing combat video games together will enjoy Hard Knocks’ more than 85 different combat missions like team warfare and capture the flag. The facility features urban-themed arenas, like a warehouse or office building, and equips participants with a choice of multiple authentic weapon models, including the M16 rifle and Glock handgun. Much like a pick-up game, missions run continuously and teams fluctuate in size depending on the amount of people there. Friday and Saturday evening are best for large team play.

hard knocks 2It’s also a workout. Be sure to wear comfortable clothing and closed-toe shoes because you’ll be doing a lot of running, ducking, jumping and shooting. Whether you win or lose, you’ll definitely have broken a sweat, so be sure to cool down post-battle at the Combat Cafe offering a variety of snacks, drinks, beer and wine.

With locations in both east and west Orlando (one at Pointe Orlando and the other near UCF), Hard Knocks is one of the area’s most thrilling live action attractions and should be on the list for your next adventure date night.

The east orlando facility, located at 5707 Dot Com Ct, Suite 1025, Oviedo, FL, offers blocks of combat time in 30, 60 and 180 minutes for $22, $32 or $64, plus a $7 annual membership fee. Hard Knocks Pointe Orlando, located at 9101 International Drive, Suite 2300, offers visitor bundles of three or six missions for $24.99 and $36.99.

Lock, load and learn more today by visiting indoorwar.com

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  1. Gene

    What type of laser tag tagger do they use for running games?


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