We’re Launching Our NEW Girl’s Club Presented by Jane.com

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Orlando Girl's Club presented by Jane.com

We're launching a NEW monthly Girls' Night Out series presented by Jane.com for Orlando ladies! 

Aren't girls' nights the best?? The laughter, the camaraderie, the commiserating! Women are just so darn good at connecting and having fun together, aren't we?

We've created a lot of Girls' Night Out events over the past decade, and we even have an entire section of our website devoted to Girls' Night Out content (click here). We often hear from our female readers that they want more… more events, more connection, and more fun!

We've heard you loud and clear, so we're launching a monthly series of Girls' Night Out events guaranteed to be the highlight of your month.

Here's what you can expect:

  • Highly curated food and wine experiences
  • Amazing locations in central Orlando and Winter Park
  • Playful and interactive activities
  • Facilitated experiences that will have you making new friends and connecting more deeply with old ones
  • Delicious food and wine
  • Event food/wine package at a cost of about $25 per person 
  • Laughter until you nearly pee your pants and connection that overflows your heart with happiness


Most of the details for each event stay completely secret until a few days before we meet up. We'll only reveal a few need-to-know details, such as a general idea of the location, ahead of time. Everyone who has purchased a ticket will be emailed all of the details two days ahead of time (on Monday, March 25). 


Our first Girl's Club presented by Jane.com event is taking place on Tuesday, March 26, 2019 from 8-10pm in the Winter Park area. 

The experience at this surprise location will cost no more than $25/person (+ tax/tip).

PLEASE NOTE: We cannot accommodate vegan diets, however, we CAN accommodate gluten-free diets for the March 26th event.  


To get on the list for this event, you'll simply pay a $5 registration fee. You'll get an Eventbrite ticket that locks you into the event. 

CLICK HERE to secure your spot today. 


Are there refunds allowed? We do not accept refunds or last-minute cancellations. However, we can apply your $5 event fee to a future event when requested and when you notify us in advance that you're not attending. No shows will not be given event credits. 

Can you accommodate vegan or gluten-free diets? In most cases, yes. We will always let you know when we can not. 

I have to pay $5 to register ahead of time and then pay for my experience on site, correct? Yes! Your registration fee pays for the cost of us planning the event, scouting out amazing locations, and designing fun and connective experiences. At each event, you'll pay no more than $25 (+tax/tip) for the night's food/drink package. 


Jane.com is a very beautiful boutique marketplace featuring the latest in women's fashion trends, home decor, and children's clothing. Learn more at https://jane.com/about.

8 Responses to “We’re Launching Our NEW Girl’s Club Presented by Jane.com”

  1. Caree

    Love this idea but can’t be out that late on a week night. Will there be weekend options?

  2. Lals

    You say no vegan diets can be accommodated on this date but what about vegetarian?

  3. Alisha

    Love this idea. I’d also love to see weekend options as well as options for people who don’t drink alcohol.

  4. amy

    I would love to make some new girlfriends, but two questions: Is this meant for people to come alone and make new friends or would it be all BFF groups you would have to party crash if you came alone? Second, what is the average age range? Is being 45 going to make me the grandma of the bunch?

    • Stephanie Patterson

      Hi Amy! You can absolutely attend our events solo. Just for reference, our first event was about 20% people showing up alone, and the remainder came with someone else or in a group. The age range is around 30-50. I hope this helps, and hope to see you at a future event!


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