How to do an Epic Walt Disney World Swan & Dolphin Food Crawl

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How to do an epic Walt Disney World Swan & Dolphin Food Crawl

You don’t have to step foot in a Disney theme park in order to experience a little magic. In fact, one of our favorite outside-the-parks Disney activities is to infiltrate the surrounding resorts for a DIY crawl hopping from one top-notch restaurant to the next. While some options like riding the Disney Monorail for a DIY pub crawl require you to visit multiple resorts, we’re 100% on board for a lazier approach; sticking to just one resort property with a handful of fantastic dining options.

Where to you might ask? Park your car at the gigantic Walt Disney World Swan & Dolphin for an epic crawl visiting five of the resort’s top bars and eateries. We took our meticulously researched itinerary for a test drive during a recent hosted visit and are sharing all the delicious details below. Let it inspire your own date night Swan & Dolphin food crawl visiting some or all of the stops below.

STOP 1: Punch Hour + Bar Snacks at Phins (Dolphin)

Every professional food crawl starts with a quality pre-game spot and in this case, your food crawl kickoff location is Phins. Decked out with tropical décor, friendly bartenders clad in classy button-down vests, and a bright, open feel, the Dolphin’s lobby bar is the place to be at 4pm.

Phins punch hour at Walt Disney World Swan & Dolphin
Punch Hour at Phins

The bar’s Monday-Friday Punch Hour features a new flavor of boozy homemade punch each day for just $5 per glass. The fun begins at 4pm and continues until the punch bowl is drained. Arrive around 4:30 to sip the punch of the day and nosh on a few bar snacks like the larger-than-life giant warm pretzel with beer cheese and mustard or the hummus trio (the sweet basil one is SO good!).

Giant Warm Pretzel
Hummus Trio

Bourbon lovers will be wowed by the presentation and taste of the Smoke n’ Roses cocktail. Delivered in a glass box with a smoke show that’ll turn every head in the bar, this signature concoction is made with Four Roses small batch Bourbon, bliss maple syrup, amarena cherry juice and a fresh lemon twist.

The resort also has its own craft brew, Phins and Feathers, a pale ale brewed locally at BrewHub in Lakeland. You can find it on the menu throughout the resort.


  • Budget: $30 for two glasses of punch and an appetizer with tip.
  • Splurge: $60 for two regularly priced cocktails and an appetizer with tip.
Smoke n' Roses cocktail

STOP 2: Apps + Cocktails at Todd English’s bluezoo (Dolphin)

Step past a cascading wall of water and into the bright blue and orange depths of Todd English’s bluezoo for bites and sips dreamed up by Celebrity Chef Todd English.

Pull up a seat at the moody, upscale lounge featuring a curved bar and several intimate dining booths. You can take advantage of select cocktail and appetizer specials during the daily happy hour from 5-7pm, or order an assortment of light bites from the seafood-centric menu. Happy hour deals include a limited selection of drinks for $5-$7 each and four appetizers priced from $5 – $9 each.

Todd English's bluezoo - Walt Disney World Swan & Dolphin food crawl
Todd English's bluezoo

Cocktails like the Ginger-Hibiscus Smoking Rosé Sangria and Burnt Orange are served with extra pizzazz like dry ice and a bruleed orange slice set ablaze tableside. While the restaurant’s signature Serenity cocktail is a bit less dramatic in presentation, it packs a flavorful punch with its earthy and crisp blend of cucumber vodka, elderflower liqueur, muddled strawberries, pineapple juice, rosemary, lime and basil.

Burnt Orange cocktail
bluezoo cocktail at Swan & Dolphin resort
Serenity cocktail

Keep it light with 1-2 tasty and beautifully-plated appetizer selections to share. We tried the yellowfin tuna tartare (that Sriracha aioli!) and teppan seared jumbo sea scallops from the sea, and the savory and sticky Asian pork ribs from land. Spoiler alert: the next stop on this crawl has some amazing scallops too, so I recommend going with the tartare and/or ribs at bluezoo.


  • Budget: $38 for two happy hour cocktails and one appetizer with tip.
  • Splurge: $70 for two cocktails (one regular price and one happy hour cocktail) and two appetizers with tip.

STOP 3: Dinner + Wine at Shula’s Steak House (Dolphin)

After undergoing a complete renovation, Shula’s Steak House is back and better than ever with a revamped interior and gorgeous new bar.

Shula's Steak House - Walt Disney World Swan & Dolphin
Shula's Steak House

By this point in the crawl, your hunger should be satiated with room left for a full meal before you switch gears to dessert. Why not go big with a juicy cut of steak prepared to perfection with a glass of wine and some melt-in-your-mouth seared scallops to share? Each cut of steak is prepared to order. You get to do the quality check as your server spotlights your steak while you slice into it to check that it’s been prepared to your liking.

Speaking of slicing into your steak, each table is adorned with a knife block housing an assortment of steak knives. When you sit down, take some time to pick out your perfect steak knife from the options before you. It’s a fun personal detail and something I’ve never seen elsewhere. This will be your priciest stop, but totally worth it for steak lovers.

Pick your perfect steak knife from the knife block on your table.

PS: The Swan and Dolphin has 70 dedicated sommeliers on property (!!!) so take advantage of the surplus of knowledge when ordering wine to pair with your eats.


  • Budget: $87 for a cut of steak to share and one side (go for the truffled cream corn!) with tip (no drinks included).
  • Splurge: $150 for a steak and pan seared scallops to share plus two glasses of wine with tip.
Shula's Steak House entrees
Shula's Steak House entrees

STOP 4: Dessert at Il Mulino (Swan)

After a leisurely walk across the promenade from the Dolphin to the Swan, you’ll have had a few moments to calm your meat sweats and open that secret compartment in your stomach reserved for something sweet. There is always, always room for dessert.

Il Mulino New York Trattoria lives up to its name, oozing with that sophisticated feel typical of trendy NYC restaurants. Snag a seat at one of the sofas by the bar and get comfortable before starting your dessert course.

Savor Italian delights like the fluffy tiramisu topped with chocolate shavings and mascarpone cream, or crack the chocolate shell of the tartufo to reveal the creamy Italian gelato inside. The cheesecake Italiano is another delectable choice, made with ricotta cheese for a light consistency.

Dessert at Il Mulino - Walt Disney World Swan & Dolphin Food Crawl

Pair your sweet treat with one of Il Mulino’s many iterations of the classic Aperol Spritz. The selections are organized on a scale from semi-bitter to very sweet and come in inventive variations like blood orange, ginger, and rosemary lemon berry (our personal fav).


  • Budget: $12-$13 for a single dessert to share with tip (no drinks).
  • Splurge: $50 for two spritzes and a dessert to share.
Spritz from Il Mulino at Swan & Dolphin resort
Rosemary lemon berry spritz

STOP 5: Digest and Watch the Epcot Fireworks

From Il Mulino, exit the restaurant and go out through the doors to your right. Turn right and follow the path until you reach the second bridge over the water. From here, you’ll be able to see the Epcot fireworks (usually beginning around 9pm) and if the wind is just right, you may be able to hear the accompanying music too. There were only a few other people watching the fireworks from here on the night of our visit.

If you’re up for a bit of a walk for a closer vantage point, turn right when exiting the Swan and make another right at the entrance walkway to Disney’s BoardWalk Resort. Walk past ESPN Club and continue straight until you come to the bridge over the water. You can’t go wrong with either spot.


Epcot fireworks from Walt Disney World Swan & Dolphin hotel bridge
Enjoy a nice view of the nightly Epcot fireworks from Swan & Dolphin property.

STOP 6: Nightcap + Karaoke at Kimonos (Swan)

A mix of regulars, sushi aficionados and semi-inebriated guests belting out karaoke tunes thanks to a shot of liquid courage (the lineup is nonstop) contribute to the convivial late-night vibe at Kimonos.

This sushi-centric eatery is just right for ending the night with a nightcap like the smooth Raspberry and Sake Sangria. Pair it with some sushi and/or sashimi if you’re miraculously still hungry (let’s be honest, you just have the munchies at this point). Try the hearty and flavorful Dragon Roll, one of the eatery’s signature sushi rolls stuffed with giant crispy shrimp and tuna.

Kudos if you decide to brave the stage and perform your go-to karaoke jam (double points if you make it a romantic duet). Your server will be able to track down a copy of the hefty song book for you to peruse. Otherwise, sit back and enjoy watching others live out their 15 minutes of fame.


  • Budget: $25 for a glass of sake or beer (try the Phins and Feathers here!) and a cocktail with tip.
  • Splurge: $50 for two cocktails and a sushi roll to share with tip.


Self-parking is $29 and valet is $39. Parking is validated when you dine at any of the resort’s signature restaurants (bluezoo, Shula’s, Il Mulino and Kimonos).

The Walt Disney World Swan & Dolphin is open container. Simply ask for a plastic to-go cup to enjoy the rest of your drink as you stroll to your next stop. We took our spritzes to go from Il Mulino and sipped while watching the Epcot fireworks show.

Having trouble finding a babysitter? The resort offers complimentary childcare at Camp Dolphin (up to two hours) while you dine at any of the resort’s signature restaurants. Get the full details here.

Make it an overnight! Rather than worry about a designated driver, spend the night in the resort. You’ll be in a serious food coma after your crawl anyway, and will be thankful you’re just a short elevator ride away from bed. Room rates vary.

Restaurant hours are as follows:

  • Phins: 12pm – close Monday – Saturday, 10am – close Sunday (food served 3 – 10pm daily)
  • Todd English’s bluezoo: 3:30 – 11pm (lounge), 5 – 11pm (restaurant) daily
  • Shula’s Steak House: 5 – 11pm daily
  • Il Mulino: 3:30-11pm (lounge) and 5 – 11pm (restaurant) daily
  • Kimonos: 5:30pm – midnight (lounge), 5:30 – 11pm (restaurant) daily

Walt Disney World Swan & Dolphin Food Crawl

Disclosure: Walt Disney World Swan & Dolphin is one of our valued advertising partners. This experience was provided at no cost to the writer.

Florida food and travel photographer and writer Stephanie Patterson

About the Author/Photographer:
Stephanie Patterson is the editor of Orlando Date Night Guide. She’s a talented professional food and travel photographer and writer with a passion for creativity, the beach and great eats. When she’s not taking photos or writing, you can find her exploring the state for her Florida travel blog, Travel Taste Click. Find her online at and

All photos by Stephanie Patterson


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