Day Trip: 8 Hours in Titusville

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Day Trip: 8 Hours in Titusville

We're lucky to have access to so many coastal towns and getaways from Central Florida. One of the closest beach towns to us is Titusville. With its interesting history and ties to the space program at Cape Canaveral, it is ideally situated for fantastic viewing of rocket launches. Here’s how to spend a relaxing and fun day in this charming and waterfront historic town.

11am-12pm: Brunch or Lunch at Playalinda Brewing Company Brix Project

The perfect way to get settled into Titusville's beach town vibe is to dine and have a round of drinks at Playalinda Brewing Company’s Brix Project location. The brewery's original location, referred to as the Hardware Store since it is inside a former hardware store, is one of the best gems in historic downtown Titusville. But the Brix Project location is 10 minutes outside the historic downtown and offers some of the best dining in the area. Plus, there's a full bar menu in addition to amazing craft beers.

The Sunday Brunch is a must-do! I recommend ordering one sweet item and one savory item to share, though the food is so delicious you may have a hard time sharing. We visited during the holiday season for Sunday Brunch. We started with Bavarian Pretzels with Beer Cheese and a Pie Flight then devoured Egg Nog French Toast and Goat Cheese Stuffed Pork Loin. FYI: the one downside of visiting Titusville on a Sunday is that a lot of businesses and most of the museums are closed on Sundays. Otherwise, visit for lunch (Thursdays-Saturdays) as a good alternative.

Sunday brunch at Playalinda Brewing Company - Brix Project in Titusville
Sunday brunch at Playalinda Brewing Company – Brix Project

12:15-12:45pm: William J Manzo Park

Playalinda Brewing Brix Project is only 10 minutes from downtown Titusville by car. As you drive along US 1, the Indian River almost hugs the road. Take advantage of the waterfront drive and make a stop at William J Manzo Park. This park is just over two acres so it is large enough for a visit, but not so big that it takes a lot of time and energy to explore. Pines and palms provide shade and a paved walkway and riverfront boardwalk provide scenic views.

1-1:30pm Grab a Milkshake at MoonLight Drive-In

Step back in time to the 1960s and the advent of the Apollo space program, hence the name MoonLight Drive-In. Split a handspun milkshake; flavors include classics like strawberry and chocolate, as well as key lime amd fluffernutter. You may want to dress in 1960s attire for a quick Instagram photoshoot at this cute place.

Strawberry milkshake | Image credit: MoonLight Drive In

1:45-3pm Tour the Pritchard House

Our next stop is the perfect place to launch your exploration of historic downtown Titusville. At the historic Pritchard House there is a large free public parking lot as well as the Titusville Welcome Center. This is the perfect spot to park your car and head out on your exploration of this lovely historic downtown.

The Pritchard House belonged to Captain James Pritchard in 1891, making this home more than 100 years old. Tours are available any day of the year! However, tours are available by appointment only. Call 321-607-0203 or email Furnishings and decor are authentic to the period so you can get a true feeling of what life was like in Florida at the turn of the last century. Tours are $15 during the holidays (the house is fully decorated in period appropriate fashion) and $10 the rest of the year. If you’re not up for a tour, you're free to walk around the grounds.

Pritchard House in Titusville
Pritchard House

3-3:30pm Visit Some of Titusville's Best Murals

The most beautiful mural we saw while walking around downtown Titusville is located just around the corner from the Pritchard House. “Paddling Our Wildlife Paradise” at 410 S Hopkins Avenue made my jaw drop when I first saw it. Being a Florida Native, I believe it perfectly captures what I love about the natural world in this state. Keith Goodson is a gifted artist.

After viewing the first incredible mural, walk towards Washington Avenue, the main street of downtown Titusville, and keep walking through Julia Court. Along the backside of the buildings that face Washington Avenue, namely the Olde Bank Tavern, is a fun Coca-Cola ad and a mural.

Finally, another mural by Keith Goodson that you can’t miss is “Reflections of Our Past.” This mural showcases Titsuville's historic side and its connection with the space program. I love the mix of black and white, sepia, and color. You can find this mural at 301 South Washington Ave, which is at the end of the strip of businesses and restaurants in historic downtown Titusville. Get more information about Titusville's murals here.

Titusville mural by Keith Goodson
“Paddling Our Wildlife Paradise” mural by Keith Goodson

3:30-4pm: Playalinda Brewing Company – Hardware Store

Now that you’ve traversed some turf in Titusville you may be thirsty. Pop into Playalinda Brewing Company’s original location, the historic hardware store. This craft brewery sometimes gets creative with their presentation of beer. When my husband and I visited they offered to serve my Apple Slice Ale with caramel and spice rimmed around the glass. It was divine! Ask if any of their beers are served this way. There is also great food here if you need a nibble. FYI: This location doesn't open until 4pm Monday-Thursday.

4-4:30pm: Pick Up Something Sweet at MacSweets

Almost directly across the street from Playalinda Brewing’s Hardware Store is MacSweets. This cute bakery makes everything from scratch including pies, cakes, cupcakes, and more. Get your sweet fix here before they close at 5pm most days (3pm on Thursdays, closed Sundays).

4:45-5:15pm: Space View Park

Complete your stroll through historic downtown Titusville by ending at Space View Park. As the name indicates, this park was established as a place to view rocket launches from nearby Cape Canaveral. But there is more to Space View Park than this. Here you can browse several inspiring monuments to the space program and the men and women who have been an integral part of its history. This park is a unique experience and a must-do when in Titusville.

Space View Park monuments in Titusville
Space View Park

5:15-5:30pm Browse The Infinite Mushroom Comic Book Shop

On your way back to your car, stroll back down the main street, Washington Avenue, and stop in to The Infinite Mushroom Comic Book Shop. Named in honor of Super Mario Brothers video games, this family-owned shop is a fun spot to browse even if you’re not a big comic book fan. As you look through the shelves you may discover your honey has a hidden comic book geek streak.

6-7pm: Dinner at the World Famous Dixie Crossroads

Less than 10 minutes from historic downtown Titusville is a landmark of a different kind: Dixie Crossroads. Any local will tell you this is the place to get seafood in the area. I actually have fond memories of dining here as a child. The decor is old Florida and a little campy, but that’s part of the charm. Florida rock shrimp are the specialty of the house and what this eatery is known for. The variety of fresh seafood is wonderful, but they have steak and chicken too. Save room for key lime pie.

Bonus Way to End the Day: Bioluminescent Kayak Tour

Near Titusville is the Merritt Island Wildlife Refuge and Indian River. These areas are known for bright bioluminescence in the summer months and during the colder months, comb jellyfish that glow. Your nighttime kayak tour will be a magical experience as you paddle above these glowing organisms that appear as though from another world. There are a few kayaking tours that offer bioluminescent tours in the evenings, including in clear kayaks so you can get the best views.


Best things to do in Orlando - Bioluminescent kayaking
Image credit: A Day Away Kayak Tours

Other Places to Visit in Titusville

Rocket Launch Viewing Locations

  • Rotary Riverfront Park, 4141 S. Washington Avenue Titusville, FL 32780
  • Space View Park, 17 Orange St, Titusville, FL 32796
  • Playalinda Beach, Florida State Road 406/402 Titusville, FL 32796

Editor's note: This post has been updated since the original publish date to reflect correct operating hours for Playalinda Brewing (both locations) and MacSweets. We apologize for any confusion.

All images by Dani Dennison unless otherwise noted

20 Responses to “Day Trip: 8 Hours in Titusville”

  1. Nancy

    Please correct the information that says the ocean hugs the shore along US 1 in Titusville. That is actually the Indian River as anyone who was ever here would surely recognize. It pays to visit first hand before you publish a misleading article like this.

    • Stephanie Patterson

      Hi Nancy – I apologize for my oversight when editing this piece. I’ve corrected the article accordingly. We do visit the places we write about first hand, but at the end of the day we’re only human and sometimes make mistakes or miss things like this. Thank you for sharing your feedback.

  2. Josh Myers

    Please note: there is another Kayak outfitter (Florida-Adventurer) who is permitted on the refuge and does tours alongside Bk, A Day Away, and Get up and Go Kayaking for the past 3 years.. Just a heads up.

  3. Birdette B

    Beautiful write up on daytrip in Titusville. Gave me a new perspective on what to see and do in Titusville

  4. Simon

    For the readers just FYI:

    1. Brix Project 11am-12pm for “lunch any day of the week”.
    Brix project isn’t open for lunch on Monday, Tuesday, or Wednesday.

    2. Hardware Store for beers from 3:30-4pm.
    The Hardware Store doesn’t open until 4pm on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thursday.

    3. Macsweets from 4-4:30pm to “get your sweet fix before they close at 5”.
    Macsweets is closed Sunday and Monday and closes at 3pm on Thursday.

    Suggestion: See a show at our local theater, Emma Parrish. The productions they put on are fantastic.

    • Stephanie Patterson

      Hey Simon — you’re absolutely right. I’m embarrassed at my oversight here when editing and have corrected the article to be more clear. Thanks for your comment.

  5. Heidi Crofton

    I think your article was a great snapshot of what Titusville has to offer. I for one appreciate you making the drive & sharing your ideas with others. Who cares if you got a few hours of operation wrong? Those nit pickers are missing the point: you obviously had a wonderful time in our town! I’m glad you visited & thanks for sharing with your central Florida viewers why those of us who live here think it’s great!

    • Dani

      Thanks, Heidi. I’ve been very fond of Titusville for a while now and it is a pleasure to write about it. Thanks for reading!

  6. Vicki Sparrow

    Love this article, Stephanie! Thank you for showcasing our little treasure here. I’m West Coast Florida born and raised…..but all of our children and now 5 grands have enjoyed the beauty and friendliness of Space Coast existence! We have a great organic coffee place downtown now too…..Pier 13….as well as a cute and classy boutique in the old Hot Point store! Thanks again for your article!

  7. Cristina Viera

    This is a fantastic snapshot of our charming little town! Thank you for capturing us so well!

  8. Kris OKeefe

    Thank you for writing about our wonderful city and some of its offerings. A trip to TITUSVILLE should also include a scenic day (or evening) walk over the Max Brewer Bridge. Before or after that walk, you can stroll through Sand Point Park and the Marina just to the north of it.

  9. Vaughan

    Great Article!!!
    Thank you for taking the time to write about Titusville!
    I wish people weren’t so eager to criticize others, and as you said… we are all human and make mistakes, after all, that’s what makes us interesting.
    Thank you again for caring enough to write about Titusville!

  10. Erich

    Thank You for visiting Titusville and the positive publicity. Titusville is a work in progress but the future looks quite bright. We have the natural environment here that many places in Florida can only dream about anymore.


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