These Are the BEST Hot Dogs in Orlando for Labor Day Weekend

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Labor Day Weekend means your last chance for all things summer fun including hot dogs! The Orlando/Central Florida area has some great places to grab a hot dog and enjoy your Labor Day Weekend festivities. Looking for some of the best? We've put together some of the best hot dogs in Orlando from classics to gourmet. 

Simple and Classic Hot Dogs for Labor Day Weekend

For over 500 years we’ve been enjoying hot dogs, with so many options, sometimes you just want a simple and straight-to-the-point hot dog. No flair, no fancy, just tasty! Orlando has lots of styles but some of its staple hot dog locations have a great traditional dog. 

Hot Dog Heaven

Serving Orlando since 1967 is Hot Dog Heaven. Hot Dog Heaven is home to the giant Hot Dog on a Fork sign that dons the side of Colonial Drive and can’t be missed. It’s a traditional hot dog joint with picnic tables outside, red bar stools, and black and white checkered flooring inside it. It's perfect for a quick Labor Day Weekend meal.

Hot Dog Heaven has found itself as more of a roadside attraction than most restaurants and when driving through you have to stop.

Exterior of Hot Dog Heaven Orlando
Hot Dog Heaven Orlando


They use Vienna Beef Hot Dogs and no artificial ingredients. Their menu offers a large array of hot dog options, from a classic plain hotdog to chili cheese dogs, American cheese dogs, a Reuben dog, and a jalapeño cheddar dog. Don’t pass on the French Fries! As another option, Hot Dog Heaven does offer some Polish and Italian sausages as well. It’s the perfect little stop for Labor Day Weekend.

Kappy’s in Maitland

If you're looking for a no-frills, just good eats, kind of diner, Kappy's is the place. Kappy's is located in Maitland and has been a long-standing establishment since 1967. Their hot dog selections include your traditional hot dog toppings, ketchup, mustard and relish – perfect Labor Day Weekend food. If you want to go all out, order the Kitchen Sink which includes every topping but the kitchen sink and it's so big they have to put it on a sub roll!

Kappy's has that home diner feel and it's a good Orlando drop-in. There isn't a lot of seating in the small restaurant but if you can grab a counter stool it is great to watch your food being prepared right there. Kappy's makes for great take-out for a park date too!

Chicago Style Hot Dogs in Orlando 

Who doesn’t love a classic like the Chicago Style Hot Dog? Orlando, being full of good eats, has some great places to grab one. A Chicago Style Dog starts with a steamed poppy seed bun, all-beef hot dog, topped with yellow mustard, green relish, chopped onions, tomato wedges, pickle spear, sport peppers, and a dash of celery salt. Chicago Dogs are an acquired taste if you haven’t had one, but for many, once you get your first taste you'll start craving them.

These places offer some of the best for an Orlando Labor Day Weekend experiment.  

Chicago Dog & Company in Altamonte

Located in Altamonte Springs is the Chicago Dog & Company. Owners Sandra and Monica were born in Chicago and raised in Central Florida. They opened their dream hot dog stand in 2021. They have windows to order your food and picnic tables with umbrellas outside, with no inside seating. It’s a cute little stop for a day date, albeit a little loud being on the side of SR -436.

Exterior of Chicago Dog & Co

They offer an incredible Chicago Style Hot Dog with crispy sport peppers and pickles on top of a Vienna all-beef dog, in a fluffy poppy seed bun. However, they do have quite a menu to fill all Labor Day Weekend cravings. We had the Chicago Style Hot Dog and Ditka Dog, which is a deep-fried Polish sausage. They also offer smash burgers, Italian beef sandwiches, pizza puffs, a veggie dog, and occasional specials. Besides the Chicago Dog, highly recommended is their chili cheese fries, they are some of the best we’ve ever had and plenty to split! 

Chicago Hotdog & Co Altamonte Springs - Chicago dog and chilli cheese fries
Chicago Dog & Co Altamonte Springs

Chubby’s Hot Dogs 

Another Altamonte Springs/Maitland favorite is Chubby’s Hot Dogs. Chubby’s is also well known for the Chicago Style Hot Dog. The hot dogs here are creatively called the “chubby” and they have a large array of selections of toppings. They use all fresh ingredients and all of the hot dogs or sausages we've tried here have been great, all with that fresh snap when you bite into them.

The owners are friendly, and the restaurant does get really busy, especially on Labor Day Weekend, but they move quickly. Besides the Chicago Style favorite, they also offer burgers, sandwiches, sausages and even chicken tenders. It’s a small business with not a lot of seating, and there’s only two smaller tables outside.


A new addition to the Orlando hot dog scene is Portillo’s. Portillo’s is a Chicago-based chain that opened its first location in Orlando in 2021. They did so well that they are opening a second location in 192 in Kissimmee (no opening date announced). Portillo's is known for their Chicago Style Hot Dog, Cake Milkshakes and Italian Beef Sandwiches. They really have perfected the art of Chicago Style Hot Dogs, their ingredients are fresh and the hot dogs are cooked perfectly. If you've never had a Chicago hot dog in Orlando, it's hard to beat Portillo's.

Of the places for a Chicago hot dog in Orlando, Portillo's has the widest selection if you’re looking for something other than a hot dog for Labor Day Weekend like spicy chicken sandwiches, salads, and more. Their new plant-based hot dog that has been reviewed well. 

Gourmet and Over the Top Hot Dogs in Orlando

Cholo Dogs

Orlando's #1 Mexican Street Hot Dogs (Weens) are from Cholo Dogs. Cholo Dogs is a hot dog cart that can be found all over Central Florida, slingin' weens! They bounce around between breweries, festivals, and events. You can usually find where they are located on a particular day on their website or Instagram.

Their hot dogs are over the top Mexican street dogs with toppings like Mexican street corn, cotija cheese, cilantro, and topped with tajin, like the El Borracho. As weird as these dogs sound they are excellent and best enjoyed with a local brew for Labor Day Weekend.

Cholo Dogs' cart is decorated with face of the company, Franco Furtero a heavy-weight wrestler in all his wrestling mask glory. Hunt them down or visit the local brewery they are parked in front of and enjoy a silly, slingin' weens, date night!

two hot dogs from Cholo Dog Orlando
Cholo Dog Orlando

Hot Dog Hall of Fame  

Located in the heart of Universal's City Walk is Hot Dog Hall of Fame. Hot Dog Hall of Fame is a quick-service establishment that is great to mobile order or walk up to when you can't get in a restaurant and you still want a one-of-a-kind foodie experience. This is a good idea for something quick during busy Labor Day Weekend at Universal Orlando.

Their menu offers just about any topping that you can think of. Various regions are represented like the Detroit style which is Koegel dog, Abbott’s Coney chili, diced onions or Kansas City style which has pulled pork and coleslaw.

Dog Hall of Fame also offers a vegan hot dog as an option as well. It's a great location for a date night to grab a couple of dogs, and a table and enjoy the theme park lights and atmosphere.

Doghouse in College Park

Over in Orlando's College Park Neighborhood, you'll find Doghouse, home to a crazy good hot dog. Doghouse says the motto is crazy dogs and loaded tots, and boy they aren't wrong. Their toppings range from crushed Fritos, spaghettiO's, to peanut butter sauce and everything in between. They have a ton of options of predesigned hot dogs like Tutti Frutti which is Peanut Butter Honey and Raisins and the Taco Dog which is in a Taco Shell and has chili, cheese sauce and lettuce and tomato. Try something out-there to celebrate Labor Day Weekend.

Besides toppings, they offer a handful of different hot dog types like a beer craft dog, vegan, corn dog, beef or smoked sausage. As if that isn't enough, there is a full menu of crazy tater tots options too. College Park is a great little date area to visit and stroll around. Doghouse is attached to The Soda Fountain which is a perfect Labor Day Weekend combo.

Honorable Mentions

Originally written by and all images by Jodi Caballero

Orlando Date Night Guide is a free guide to the best of Orlando! We're supported by our advertisers when they buy digital ads, listings, content, and through affiliate links, so some things you read might be paid for or if you buy something thru a link on our site we might get a commission.


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