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Each month we publish a “Best of” list of events and activities in and around the Orlando area.  The post generates tens of thousands of pageviews each month, it's emailed to our newsletter subscribers and promoted through our various web and social channels!

If you've got a free, paid, or ticketed event in the Orlando area, this is the list you want to be on!

We offer 2 options for event submissions:  Free and Featured

The Free option is just that – it's free to submit an event for us to consider.  The problem is, as you can guess, we receive hundreds of event suggestion submissions every month, and we can only choose some of the free submissions to include.  So if your event doesn't have an advertising budget or doesn't require guaranteed exposure and publicity, go ahead and roll with the free submission and maybe you'll get lucky!

On the other hand, if you need guaranteed exposure, the Featured Submission is the better way to go.  Pay a $99 fee, and we'll prominently feature your event (and any cool pics) in the monthly event roundup, and boom!  Thousands of eyeballs on your event!  Plus there are some easy add-on options to further increase your event's exposure through display ads on our site or in our newsletters.  And if you need more exposure, there's a button to check to get info about our sponsored blog posts and IG posts, too.

But remember – regardless of free or featured – our standards are super high and not every event will make the cut!  Our readers trust us and keep coming back again and again each month because we do a great job of curating our event lists to make sure they have what our readers like. 

So even if somebody pays for a Featured listing, if an event or activity doesn't meet our standards or we don't think it'll connect with our readers, we'll politely decline and refund the $99 event fee (which happens sometimes).  It's that simple – even though revenue is important to pay our employees and overhead, money will never define or take precedence over the editorial process of curating great ideas and experiences for our readers.  

So go ahead, tell us about your event!